About us

Space@yourService (S@yS) is an association recognized  by EPFL, whose main goals are the popularization and promotion of space sciences (astronomy, astrophysics and space engineering) to the general public and to EPFL students.

To this end, S@yS organizes various events open and accessible to everyone, even if you have no knowledge of physics. 
The association also carries numerous projects for promotion such as its escape games, the Vivalys project.

One of our main events is Astronomy on Tap, which is a series of lecture evenings in French and English that we organize in various bars.

Here is also the link to AoT International if you want to know more about what an AoT is, or if you want to see where and when the next ones will take place around the world: astronomyontap.org.

We have also launched the Asclepios Mission, a similar mission to stay in space on another celestial body, such as Mars or the Moon, for 7 days. It is now managed by a separate association, if you want to have more information about this ambitious project, go to the dedicated website: asclepios.ch.

Our Members

President:  Florentin Julien

Vice-President: Guillaume Gérard Follonier

Treasurer: Tra Mi Nguyen

Events Manager: Mohamed Yassine Kouch

Communication Manager: Amene Gafsi

Webmaster: Omar Bouden

Statutes of the association