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Our Projects

Space Night is a concept created by Space@yourService in 2022. This event is the perfect moment for anyone interested in space to get closer to the different associations of EPFL. Each association has its own booth and can propose games. On its side, Space@yourService organizes several times during the evening great games with prizes to win!

Astronomy on Tap Lausanne is a satellite location of Astronomy on Tap, a concept born in the US, which consists in organising short conferences around astronomy and space sciences, in a relaxed setting, in this case a bar or a café-theatre. This less academic context allows the participants to exchange in a less formal way with the different lecturers (professors, PhD students, students, etc…), notably around a good beer.

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Space@yourService proposes two escape games created for science communication. A collaborative scenario in a lunar environment which aims at saving an astronaut crew on the Moon. The collaboration Mission Control Center / Lunar Base will be key to succeed. Tempted by the challenge?

The Vivalys Mission is a test project set up in the Vivalys primary school in Ecublens in partnership with our association. The project consists in integrating certain aspects of a space mission into the school curriculum of a class of 8-9 year olds. Discover how children can simulate life on Mars!

The Asclepios project was born within our association with its first student simulation of life on the Moon in July 2021. A new association is now carrying the project: build student-led analogue space missions with scientific, educational and communication objectives.

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