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Join Space@yourService !

By becoming a member of Space@yourService, you will receive a weekly newsletter reporting on space news, both international and internal to EPFL and the association. You will also be notified in advance of the opening hours for registration for our Astronomy on Tap events (which are often sold out within an hour), and you will also get discounts on our various goodies.

To join the association, simply fill out the CONTACT FORM indicating that you wish to become a member and we will contact you by email.

The membership fee is now waived, providing you with immediate access to the various advantages listed above.

Join the committee S@yS​

You want to invest yourself even more in the field of space popularization, meet and collaborate with recognized laboratories and space professionals on various projects? Then join the Space@yourService committee, and come share your passion for space with us!

This year, our committee is renewed and several positions are available.

If you want to join the Space@yourService committee, use the CONTACT FORM and indicate the team and the role(s) you are interested in. After receiving your application, you will be contacted by the committee. They will interview you to discuss your motivation and role.

You will find underneath all the positions available as well as a description of each of them. If you are interested in any of them, do not hesitate to contact us!


-Propose events and organize them in cooperation with the members
- Know how to run events smoothly
-Distribute tasks in an appropriate manner
-Be aware of the progress of each member
-Be organized
-Know how to manage a team and be social

Vivalys Manager

-Project manager of the mission in the Vivalys school
-Organize educational workshops for children on the theme of space
-Be available
-Be organized and creative
-Execution of workshops twice a month


-Provide leadership to the association with the president
-Organize the management of events and support the president
-Be dynamic, organized, responsive and preferably close to the president


- Find sponsors, manage the accounts of the association, generate invoices
- Be aware of the necessary money transfers and expenses
- Be organized, responsive and available


- Update the site for each event (fotos, descriptions)
- Add and update web pages if necessary
- Be creative, organized, have an eye for detail
-Be patient and persevere if it is necessary to solve problems regarding errors

Events Manager

- Organize the events, Astronomy on Tap! , contact bars and speakers...
- Be responsive (look at your emails often!)
- Know the bars of Lausanne 😉
- Good way to develop social skills


- Being there at meetings, take notes of the important points
- Be aware of all our events and keep the calendar of the association updated
- Be responsive, answer emails quickly

Communication Manager

- Management of our accounts and social networks
- Newsletter management
- Be aware and updated on our events
- Take pictures during events

Design Manager

- Design the posters and slides of events, goodies
- Be creative, don't be afraid to try new techniques
- Motivated to learn and use new design softwares