Past projects

Our Achievements

Although we are a very young association, we have already organized or co-organized many events such as

    • – 10 Astronomy on Tap complete each time
    • – 4 online because of Covid-19
    • S@ys au swissnex San Francisco Summer 2019 – SciComm and Innovation
    • – The Chandra 20 year anniversary, the same night as our official launch
    • – The “We choose to go to the moon” exhibition at the Rolex Learning Center on the 50th anniversary of the man on the moon
    • – EPFL Open House
    • – Conference of Claude Nicollier, Bavois (November 22, 2019) [FR]
    • – Launch of our escape room
    • – 30 years of Hubble with Claude Nicollier and Jean-Paul Kneib
    • – Workshop in Crans-Montana for the Asclepios mission
    • EPFL Alumni International Women Day
    • – Creation of special containment videos
    • – AoT on the couch” during the confinement
    • – Classification Party #1 (16/03/2021)
    • –  The Asclepios I analogue space mission:


Envisioned in August 2019, Asclepios is a project initially created by Space@yourService, which aims to organise an analogue mission simulating a space mission to another celestial body for educational and research purposes. It is the first initiative in the world to propose an analogue mission entirely made by students, for students with the help of academic institutions, scientists and industry.
After two years of work, the Asclepios I mission was successfully completed in the tunnels of the Grimsel Test Site of NAGRA in the Bernese Alps. This project has become a full association and the new teams are already working on the next iteration of the Asclepios missions.